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Studying at a language school abroad to summer vacation

Recently attracted attention with the children are learning English law, it is to be studied in summer school to be carried out abroad to summer vacation. The summer school language schools overseas, there is a three course roughly divided. The first is, have stayed in the dormitory on the grounds of the university or language school, it is a summer school to participate in the program of up to sleep from happening. For 3 hours about the language program in the morning, and activities such as sightseeing in the afternoon went out to the sport and the city. Even after eating rice at night, or a movie or make a video and music, because there is something activities, this course there are many opportunities to use the best English. It has been also referred to as a summer camp, will join children alone. The second is a day camp to participate in the language program and afternoon of activities in the morning through the language school. Since accommodation is a conjunction with the parent, you can learn English in a relaxed friendly environment. It requires a morning and evening of the drop off and pick up, is chosen easy course in the case of study abroad in parent and child. The third is the course to participate only in the language program in the morning. English also I want to learn, is useful in the case that afternoon want to enjoy sightseeing in the family. Even if to choose which, to be on the course for the level of English, it says that it is the secret to a successful children's study abroad.